RUGBY JERSEY~Top League Final Play-off Tournament

(written by Azul/ April 25, 2021)

** News of attention **

For the British-Irish Lions match in this coming June, 2021 year rugby Japanese representative for a competition selection member was announced. There are no time to do all the members’ brief review and space, but I make only one person take up.

Gerahard Van Den Heever-from South Africa. 192cm and 102kg. 32 years old. A player which possesses all elements  necessary for modern Wing player who can run through 100m by a stand for 10 seconds though he is a giant beyond 190cm. He makes up with WTB, CTB and FB as a utility player.

He has served as a starting member in the whole competition in Sun wolves, 2018-2019. When saying real feelings, I wanted him to appear as a Japanese classified weapon of RWC 2019. Heaven was also giving him 2 things and 3 things in handsome a face, but he was only slightly unlucky. But please play an active part now. It’s expected.

On Sunday, April 25~ JAPAN RUGBYRUGBY TOP LEAGUE Playoff.

** Introduction of both teams **

TOYOTA Verblitz : It passes 2nd place of 2021 White Conference. Favorite’s one corner. The veteran brave team with whom 8 times are also spangled in Japanese best.

Main player:

Kieran Read : common captain. No.8. New Zealand 127 caps of representative.

Michael Hooper: FL. Australia 105 caps of representative.

Kaito Shigeno:  Common captain. SH. 10 caps of Japanese representative.

HINO Red Dolphins: It passes 7th place of 2021 Red Conference. Entry into the Top League since 2018.

Main player:

Augustine Pulu: Common captain SH. New Zealand 2 caps of representative.

Liaki Moli: LO. 2021 Japanese representative candidate.

Yuichi Kudomi: Prop. 21 caps of Japanese representative.

** Expectation before kick off **

When this season’s results are considered, predominance of TOYOTA doesn’t move. Further, as far as the former game is watched, HINO is slow starter, so since putting it in tournament, it’s necessary to change game plan and meet.

Then I’ll see about today’s game.

Today’s meeting place is also Chichibunomiya rugby playground. It’s for a short while later than usual, 14:30 Kick Off. For spread restraint of new-style Corona, an emergency declaration was taken out by Tokyo-to from today. All tickets were sold out, but since making it 2nd game of tournament, an audience is a little.

Then kick off.

If they lose this game, it’s the end this season, so I have them exert itself in HINO and wants them to make a game become heated.

If I was thinking so and am seeing, HINO had mentioned a try by starting for 4 minutes. They ran, from the beginning, engine opening.

But a struggle of HINO was also until the first half for 15 minutes. After that by the score TOYOTA piled up 3 tries by the first half end, and which was 21-10 at the time of the first half end, turned.

They were fighting equally by a set play, so FW in HINO did n’t seem to be ruling a game. There was also no mistake firing like time of Black Rams competition for today’s game BK. When HINO scores a point, they become a little more fascinating to a game.

Even though Cronje in SO in TOYOTA was using the kick offensive to the enemy back for today’s game. When the offensive of several games of HINO had been seen, defense of back three had been rough there, so he’d checked that beforehand, right?

However, today’s HINO didn’t make a mistake at all. I accepted that defense became so good in about only 1 week, and there was a stickiness in Hino’s defense. A continuous attack was also done. From when would they had come to play so earnest rugby?

The continuous try by which they were the second half, 19 minutes and 23 minutes that earnest of this HINO was realized. The try of Kawai(FB) at 23 minutes of second half  was in particular highlights of this game. When shaking 3 people of defense in TOYOTA off by a step and getting a try by oneself, I have shuddered unconsciously.

Because it’s Corona, audiences weren’t supposed to shout and support, so audiences clapped, this offensive of all the members of HINO was too wonderful, so the whole stadium presented clapping to HINO. (Oh was seized with the sense to say that a fan of HINO spoiled so much.)

HINO approached 4 difference in points by (remaining time for 13 minutes) as of this.

I thought “Even if HINO excelled, it wasn’t strange. They might be able to win.” However, a continuous try could be decided in TOYOTA after this, and it had been thrust away. It’s left and the cooperation mistake which wasn’t shown up to that in 13 minutes had gone out. HINO also had shown the pride in the end and had returned 1 try, as a result of the as expected when the last score was next to 49-29 and the prewar days, if, it was.

However, a struggle of HINO which showed it in the second half middle was play of which supporter may think very highly.

Such play thought it’s a little regrettable in fans of HINO increasing more always to form. You’ll aim at a victory next year.

(Sales tent of supporter goods of HINO)

Jersey collection 27 (French  Its 7).

Second Jersey of a French representative of 2011RWC. NIKE product. Then, in this abdomen, a line, many bottles, dispatch the design seems to have been paid much attention. I get dead stock for 4900 yen in Yahoo Auction.

RUGBY JERSEY~Top League Final Play-off Tournament

(written by Azul/April 18,2021)

The top league is rushed into a tournament competition than 4/27. There is a period in more than 1 month until a final game of 5/23, but so a discounted team is the off season from here.

Please choose as a Japanese representative, a player wants even game of place by the appeal. The game with the thick density is expected.

** View of a tournament **

When something as Giant Killing is the rugby for which it’s difficult to occur, but a victory will view which team it is.

  • 1) KOBE Steelers : The team for which the name as the champion is suitable

   SUNTORY Sangolias : The world most valuable player Beauden Barrett also joins, overwhelming victory of league series.

   Panasonic Wildnights : The RWC selected player is enrolled a lot.

   These 3 teams are front-running.

  • 2)  The team which presses this a little more than 3 are as follows.

     KUBOTA Spears: Even 1 step more of SUNTORY was run down. They aim at the first-time victory.

     TOYOTA Verblitz : A player layer is too thick. Even a representative captain goes around to wait.

  • 3)  The teams which keeps a reverse possibility are as follows:

     NTT DOCOMO Red Hurricanes: Eye of this season’s typhoon. You can’t take your eyes off any games.

     TOSHIBA Bravelupas : The strength of Physical is No.1. Calmness is desired but to win.

** Then today’s game **

Sunday, April 18 TOP LEAGUE Final Play-off Tournament The 1st clause


The 1st clause of Top League Tournament will be a confrontation with 4 teams of Top League (Dominance league) subordinate and 4 teams of Top Challenge League (Lower rank league)Dominance team.

2 games of yesterday is digested already. The results are as follows:

  1. Toyota Shuttles VS NEC Green Rockets: 24-25 (winner =NEC)
  2. Coca-cola Red Sparks VS Mitsubishi Dynaboars: 24-17 (winner =Mitsubishi)

The victory which is Top League momentum properly when only a result is seen. But the contents were quite close victory. There is almost no ability difference.

A meeting place is Chichibunomiya rugby playground. It’s the 3rd time of watch this season in this field. For 12:00Kick Off, I arrived at 11:15 at Sendagaya station.

In 15 minutes on foot, stadium arrival. I enterd by a system as mask wear, hand finger alcohol sterilization and taking the temperature by a new-style Corona measure. For audience’s crowd state avoidance, it’s seating every one person. Still when it’s full, about 10,000 people put it in, but it’s entering of about 50 % = about 5000 people.

Even though the ideal watch weather. Comfortable.

I had not also watched a game of these both teams on television this season, so I saw the one recorded on the previous day and prepared. The first half can hold on by a dominance strong contestant team in Sanixblues, too. But the second half is too deformed.

Liners was compared, and saw an order play-off of Top Challenge League, but there are too much slightly small mistakes (Handling Error, Off Side). If I was Top League partner if it was this, it was the impression to which I say whether it was painful.

** Profile of both teams besides that.

* MUNAKATA Sanixblues: Top League

 The only entry into the war team from Kyushu. 8th place of 2021 White Conference (the= lowest rank).

When the enterprise which becomes a mother’s body compares with Toyota, it’s small, so because there is no funding ability, can’t people be gathered? I thought so, but I don’t meet. A face is wonderful.

* James Moore (Japanese representative Rock)

* Kosei Ono (former Japanese representative 34cap, SO)

* LEMEKI (Japanese representative WTB)

* Waren Vosayako (No.8) and Dan Pryor (FL) were Sun Wolves (= Japanese representative upbringing team) Central players.

Though there is a player who becomes a stone so much, why is it the lowest rank? But achievement of a company descends for new-style Corona according to newspaper report, and the rugby club will be said to be degradation from next year. Does this influence? I’m sad.

* KINTETSU Liners:  2nd place of 2021 year Top Challenge League. Toyota Shuttles of about 1 discounted yesterday, so is the power also inferior a little here? Though it is not so.

Will Genia (Australia representative 110cap, SH)

* Quade Cooper (Australia representative 70cap, SO)

* Michael Stolberg (2020 Sunwolves, Rock)

*Semisi Masirewa (2018-2019 Sunwolves, FB)

This team is also wonderful. When it’s seen actually at a ground, it’s astonished, a lock of Liners is that both of 2 people are tall more than 200 cm. Line out will be invincible.

And 12:00Kick Off as scheduled.

A taking the initiative try is Sanixblues. Readily, they broke through defense. There is a lot of handling error in Liners, They’ll reverse immediately. But the try which was taken by the individual brilliance which are SH and SO rather than destroying partner formation and getting a try. The first half is the lead which is Liners in 17-14.

The difference in points rivaled, so the second half also had the hunch which seems rather fun.

And in tackle where Fakaosilea of No.8 of Liners is dangerous in second half starting Sincerely yours, blow exiting. Liners  One person has become little. This thought they seem able to overcome Sanixblues, SH Genia in Liners rolls Kick effective in the partner’s back many times here, and, Sanixblues, processing, while they were sluggish, the score was repeated. The self-destruction loss which can decide the attack Sanixblues has to do primarily reversely, and is Sanixblues.

He couldn’t get a try also, but an existence sense of Masirewa in FB put in Liners from the second half shone.

When he began to run with a ball, a cheer arose from a stand. It’s because an audience knows Masirewa rather than the run has the force different from other players clearly. If he had a ball, not to kick back if it’s kicked, Play Style in Masirewa is FB which does Counter attack.

Masirewa was seen and remembered, but it’s because he was the player who doesn’t kick back and does Counter Attack by all means when a opponent did Kick, that a player as James Dargaville is in Sunwolves in 2020 and makes an impression very much. Such player is a considerable minority by high modern rugby of defense power like present. (If the player who would like to be a Japanese representative is doing this, it would never be chosen.)

But it’s thought that such very offensive player appears from the audience side, and it’s fascinating and is no use. When I say the player who showed Counter Attack surprised in the past.

  1. John Kirwan (NZ): Sean who accomplished running until a partner inn goal from the goal front shown in the start game of RWC in 1987 and tried, already, legend.
  2. Johna Romu (NZ): Try king of 1995 year RWC. The player who plans for a breakthrough by all means when he has a ball as WTB. I left with the intense impression no one can stop.

Additionally: A team is French champagne rugby in 1987. In today, Fiji national team. The consciousness connected away by all the members is a team carried without exception, so opposing team can’t kick carelessly. The Argentine representative when one more being inferior. The strong will I say can be felt to be never defeated in 1 to 1.

Jersey collection 26

Jersey of the world selection team (club) Barbarians. It’s new in YAFUOKU and it’s bought at 5900 yen. Though it was new, it was inexpensive, so it has been bought unconsciously. The small by which the size is international size. I don’t find out that the one as the size won’t be tried on by slyboots, this jersey was no problem.

RUGBY JERSEY~Japan Rugby Top League

(written by Azul/ April 11, 2021)

Saturday, April 10 JAPAN RUGBY TOP LEAGUE, The most finale.

(There are a lot of English areas readers of my blog overwhelmingly, so I offer my blog in English from this week.)

JAPAN RUGBY TOP LEAGUE the holding is also postponed for more than 1 month by influence of new-style Corona, and which has started, finally, the 7th clause (the most finale). The order is fixed with this week’s game, and tournament will begin from next week, and a winning team decides.

Today’s game meeting place is Komazawa Olympic park overall playground. The stadium where I have the history constructed in case of Tokyo Olympic Games (in 1964) last time. When old National Stadium is demolished, and I think remodel has been just, there is something filled with deep emotion.

Though it’s a stadium with such history, it’s for the first time that I come here. What kind of stadium is it?

The nearest station gets off by Komazawadaigaku station in 3 station from Tokyu Denentoshi line Shibuya station in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and it’s arrival in about 10 minutes on foot.

A really wonderful park. Big wide maintenance is attentive. When there is such park near the home, I’m happy.

When I follow people’s flow to the stadium, I have arrived at a meeting place.

The first impression seen from the bottom “They’re some ordinary fields.”. But, when I go upstairs, an impression changes completely.

Though it was made in 1960 ‘s, (It’s impolite?) The near future-like building. It’s that a vast square is in front of the field to raise the style of the field also. When I said the stadium which juxtapose a square like this, a HANAZONO rugby playground in Higashiosaka-city was imagined.

I had arrived 1 hour ago of Kick Off, so stands around the meeting place could be visited.

It’s a rugby jersey department that I have caught attention first. A jersey of RWC 2019 was sold. But it’s expensive. Too expensive. The replica by which the cost is about 20,000 yen is 14,000 yen. If I just look, it’s fun, but I can’t hold my hand out.

Next the booth of this confrontation team was being seen. Tent of public relations of HINO Red Dolphins.

Balls with player’s autograph signature were being sold. It’s the democratic price compared with a jersey of the dead stock a short while ago. A ball was sold out after a game. Red Dolphins is a team in neighborhood of the home, so when there is no Corona, you do fan Thanksgiving Day in spring. Regrettable.

This is today’s Starting Member stuck in front of the tent of Red Dolphins.

Then I’ll enter a stadium.

Today’s my seat, “southern stand Line 1 of S, number 151”.

I run, 1 line. This is lucky. It was the day, and I noticed. Because if it’s line 1 to take a picture when I say whether it’s lucky, it’s close and why isn’t there an obstacle?

Today was the ideal watch weather at the sky in sky blue which comes off (In addition to that the land truck was also blue and.)

Now, easy introduction of the both teams which play a game today.


About 5 during 8 teams when 2 win belongs to White Conference by 4 losses (World Cup point 9) current as of the RICOH Black Rams:.

The uniform is black as the team name indicates. There is a lot of foreign player from New Zealand as a name of Rams indicates. All except for an anti-Panasonic competition loses in a discounted game by a narrow margin. It’s persevering team color, isn’t it?


About 7 during 8 teams when 1 win belongs to White Conference by 4 losses (A game of World Cup point is 7.) current as of the HINO Red Dolphins:. If it’s stable and is the game by which it rains, FW shows its character. When I say conversely, it’s lacking in the decisive power of the Backs.

About today’s game-.

The audience’s beginning of today was a confrontation between the lower rank teams of Conference, and 3000-about 4000. By the way, the biggest accommodation number of people of Komazawa athletic stadium is 20,010. The entering which is not completely satisfactory.

The game contents are near the order, Black Rams ruled a game mostly. It’s personal prejudice, but there are almost no cases that I judged a weak team from the team by which black Rugby Jersey is worn.

Of Black Rams where 4 tried the first half, it was a complete victory and was 24-0 and One Side Game mostly.

But 17-19 and Red Dolphins regained the second half. It was for a short while too late that the engine starts, wasn’t it? Because there is real ability which can be taken equally mostly for FW competition, I think there was a chance to win. The positive reaction person it’s in the team that it was unfortunate for Red Dolphins 1 week before, and who is new-style Corona, more than one, the thing which had to go out and replace a member (6 people?) much.

The last score: 41-19 (win of Black Rams)

** Postscript by the blogger **

The camera I got last week (CANON SX 420 IS) played an active part, but it was that I could sit down in line 1 of this time, and there was something I got personally by picture taking.

There was a professional cameraman in 1st line in the goal back fairly, and it was possible to see their photography.

A professional takes a decisive moment (scene of a try) from the goal back using a basic tripod and a super-telephoto lens, I take a picture while predicting the game contents.

When a player is approaching a goal, a basic superspeed ream is shot with a camera while chasing it. KASHAKASHA sound is noisy, isn’t it? The cameraman who was next to me while today’s my photography number was about 100, presumes, he was taking a picture of more than 500. This, because the tone of the cameraman’s machinery and materials is noisy, and the general audience couldn’t endure  when he loses at a full stadium, so professional cameramans come to the empty goal back, don’t they?

A superspeed ream struck my camera of an amateur, and there were no functions, so 1 1 shutter was pushed. Of course, a decisive moment coudn’t be taken.

I learn on the way, too, and, using the animation function of the camera, when editing, it was thought of to take a static image out from an animation.

(The moment this is a try.)

Next when it’s made super-zooming when taking such sports picture, when it isn’t fixed by a tripod, a picture is blurred, and how can’t it be done? If it’ll be 60 times-70 times because it’s so by 42 times of telephoto lens, it’s impossible by the way to have it by hand and take a picture, isn’t it?

If a line of seat can be reserved next time, I think a small tripod is taken. A professional when he try to take all machinery and materials a cameraman has, he have to carry by private car, it can’t be brought in. The considerable weight.

A result of the game is predicted, and the cameraman who enters in the stadium and is taking a picture by the goal back is taking a picture of that he noticed also, isn’t he?

A basic dominance team stands by in the goal back which is being attacked, predicts development and shoots a high-speed ream. If it was in case of today, he was standing by on the side Black Rams is attacking. It’ll be movement on the other side in the second half. They don’t know what happens to a game. If the budget is abundant, the company which employs a cameraman would also arrange a cameraman on the other side.

I’d like to take a better picture next time.

Jersey collection 25

The 1st time of 1987 Second jersey of a French representative uniform in the time of RWC. Dirt is conspicuous white jersey, but the preservation state is also good. There are almost no cases that this second jersey was judged from auctions. I bought it at 7980 yen by Mercari, inc. If it’s 1st JERSEY personally, Blanco is imagined, but if it’s 2nd, Philip Sera is remembered.

RUGBY JERSEY~Japan Rugby Top League

(written by Azul, April 4th, 2021)



**  NEC Green Rockets:0勝5敗(8チーム中8位) **

2/20 vs KOBELCO Steelers~38-47 ×

2/27 vs NTT DOCOMO Red Hurricanes~19-38 ×

3/6  vs YAMAHA Jubilo~31-59 ×

3/21  vs HINO Red Dolphins ~7-10 ×

3/14 vs Panasonic Wild Knights~5-62 ×

総評:現在、White Conferenceに所属する8チーム中の最下位。初戦で、王者KOBELCO Steelersに肉薄する戦いを見せて、明るい展望を抱かせたが、その後、僅差の試合もとりこぼして、現状を打開出来ていない。展開した時の攻撃には光るものがあるが、守備力が低い。しかし、セットプレーは安定しているので、打開の余地はあると思われる。過去、日本選手権優勝3回を誇る古豪である。

**  RICOH Black Rams:1勝4敗  **

2/20 vs Panasonic Wild Knights~14-55 ×

2/27 vs YAMAHA Jubilo~23-22 〇

3/6  NTT DOCOMO Red Hurricanes~17-22 ×

3/14  vs KOBELCO Steelers ~19-20 ×

3/27 vs CANON Eagles~28-31 ×

総評:現在、White Conferenceに所属する8チーム中の6位。1勝ながら僅差の負けが4つあり、勝ち点7を獲得している。戦歴で見てわかるように、上位チーム相手でも互角に食い下がってくる手ごわいチームではある。近年は、リーグでも下位に位置しているが、NECと同様日本選手権優勝経験(2回)があり、復活を期している。


Kick Off は13:00、会場は秩父宮ラグビー場ということで、前回よりも少し余裕をもって、開始70分前に千駄ヶ谷駅に到着しました。



ラーメンの上にある黄色いビールのような飲み物は、Jasmine Teaです(無料)。見てわかるように、背脂が浮いていて、かなりコッテリしています。

さて、エネルギー充填完了したので、秩父宮ラグビー場へ。昨日は、Red Conferenceの首位攻防戦SUNTORY Sangolias と KUBOTA Spears が行われてTV観戦しましたが、満員でした。さて、今日の試合はどうなるでしょう。

写真はメインスタンドですが、半分入ってないですね。こちらの試合は、6位 VS 8位ですから。それでも、ファンは3,000円から4,000円を自分で払って5,000人も来場しています。




しかし、RICOHは、きれいに展開していきますね。セットプレーの後の連続攻撃が流れるようにスムーズで、これは日ごろの練習の賜物でしょうか。後半の選手交代で気が付きましたが、これはスクラムハーフのToshiya Takahashi 選手の技量によるものですね。彼のProfile をかくにんすると、小学生からラグビーを始めて、國學院久我山高校 → 青山学院大学と進み、RICOHに入社して5年目ということです。ほんとに淀みないリズムを生み出し、美しい攻撃でした。

(中央で手を叩いているのが、Takahashi 選手。)


しかし後半になって、NECの選手がリコーのリズムに適応してきました。NECの場合、「攻撃は最大の防御」という言葉が、良く当てはまります。後半、10分から30分までは、NECの時間帯でした。本日のatackの核となっていたのが、CTBの12番Maritino Nemani 選手です。

RICOHの堅守をしばしば突破して、見せ場をつくってくれました。Profileをみると、Fiji 出身の選手です。やはり、走りが力強いですね。


しかしながら、終盤、NECが怒涛の突破を見せてくれたのですが、RICOHの10番Isaac Lucasや15番Matt McGahanらのturn overや、NECのミスキック等で、最後は、突き放されてしまいました。


ジャージ コレクション 24

本1987年の第1回 RWCの時代のフランス代表ユニフォーム(Serge Blancoの時代)。メルカリで、6,900円で入手。ところどころ毛羽立ち等あり、年季を感じますが、30年以上前のジャージなので、私は風格を感じます。前も言ったような気がいたしますが、日本だとvintageもののジャージは、評価は低いですが、海外のオークションサイトだと、10倍くらいします。同じものを日本で見つけたら、価格は(待てば)下がってきます。誰も、買わないので。

** 新兵器登場 **

これまで、iPhone SEを使いスタジアムで、写真をとってきましたが、選手の表情はわからないし、Close PictureをTVとかで写すのも嫌だし、iPhone SEのカメラの限界を感じていました。そして先週、写真のCanon Power Shot SX 420 ISを購入いたしました。光学ズームが42倍あり、なにより、選手の表情が撮れるようになったのが嬉しいです。あと、このカメラ重量が325gしかないです。下手なcompact camera より軽い。軽すぎる。今週の写真の一部をこのカメラで撮影しています。