RUGBY JERSEY – Kanto University Rugby Rivalry Group A : Teikyo University vs Waseda University

(Author: Azul,, November 13, 2022)

In the aftermath of the Japan National Rugby Team game that I saw the previous week, I went to watch the Kanto University Rugby match between Teikyo University and Waseda University in the Kanto University rugby rivalry group.

Perhaps in the aftermath of the Brave Blossoms’ hotly contested match, rugby fans all over Japan seemed to be excited to watch a rugby match. And the venue for the match was the Kumagaya Rugby Ground in Saitama Prefecture.

Now, let us check the standings of the Kanto University Rugby rivalry group so far.

Kanto University Rugby Rivalry Group Order 2022
orderteamWinLoseWinning Point
7Aoyama Gakuin040
8Nippon Sport Science040

There is an extreme difference between the top 4 teams and the bottom 4 teams. The top four teams have won all four games, while the bottom four teams have lost all four games. However, the University of Tsukuba played close matches with the top teams and showed us many highlights.

From now on, the top teams are expected to play more intense matches as they enter the second half of the tournament.

And with the top four teams going head-to-head in this day’s matchup, I expected the matches to be full of highlights.

On the day of the tournament, I took the train from my home to Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture. On the day of the game, more fans than expected gathered at Kumagaya Station. I was planning to take a bus from the station to the stadium, but the line waiting for the bus was about 500 meters long, so I decided to walk to the stadium.

The distance from Kumagaya Station to the stadium is about 4 km. It would take one hour if we walked slowly. I was sweating as I walked to the stadium because the kick-off time was approaching. I was passed by four buses on the way to the stadium, but I arrived at the stadium at about the same time as the buses.

The first game of the day was Meiji University vs Keio University.

Last season, this game was a one-sided victory for Meiji University. This season, Keio University seemed to be in good shape, so I expected a good game, but again, it turned out to be a one-sided match.

The score was 54 points for Meiji University vs. 3 points for Keio University. Keio in particular suffered a humiliating defeat, being held to no tries. Keio fans were a bit disappointed.

Next up was the second match of the day, between last year’s university champions, Teikyo University, and Waseda University, the second place finisher in the Kanto University Rugby rivalry group last year. Kickoff was at 14:00. The number of spectators on the day was announced as 7,063, but even among the same university students, the Kanto University League matches group do not have 1,000 spectators, so there is too much difference in popularity.

Now, let me give you an update on both schools.

First, let me introduce the visiting team of the day, Waseda University.

Last season, Teikyo University won 29-22. It was a good game with Waseda catching up to Teikyo in the second half. This season, Waseda is reported to be doing well, so we expected the game to be heated as well.

The starting lineup for the day was as follows:

Waseda University 
1Shota IMOTO165cm98kg22 
2Kenji SATO177cm108kg19 
3Shotaro KAMEYAMA176cm115kg20 
4Tomoki MAEDA179cm103kg22 
5Daiki IKEMOTO186cm105kg20 
6Jingo MURATA185cm102kg20 
7Ken AIHARA180cm88kg19 
8Masahiko SAGARA180m99kg21 
9Taisei KONISHI166m66kg22 
10Kengo NONAKA181cm93kg19 
11Ibuki YAMASHITA172cm77kg19 
12Ko YOSHIMURA175cm84kg22 
13Soma OKAZAKI177cm89kg20 
14Eito MAKI175cm88kg22 
15Satoshi KOIZUMI178cm86kg22 

** Player to watch **

Ko YOSHIMURA. 175 cm, 84 kg, 22 years old. He is a graduate of Higashi Fukuoka High School. Position = SO, CTB. Waseda University has a player named Itoh, who used to be a member of the high school national team, but due to injury, his return to the team this season is uncertain. As the most senior player in the team, Yoshimura has improved his judgment in the game and his consistency in place kicking, and he has been able to perform decisive work in the game more often than ever. Can he lead his team to victory in today’s match?

Next, an update on today’s home team, Teikyo University.

Teikyo University was the university champion last season, and has shown strength in the new season that foreshadows the return of the golden era. Many of the regular members of last season’s team are still with the team this season, showing their consistent strength. After suffering a tough time at the hands of Kansai champion, Kyoto Sangyo University, in last season’s University Championship, individual players of Teikyo team have improved their strength in contact play this season. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of game they will show in the matches against the top schools in the Kanto University Rugby rivalry group starting on this day.

The starting lineup for this day is as follows:

Teikyo University 
1Shota TAKAI171cm112kg22 
2Hayate ERA171cm100kg21 
3Taro UESUGI176cm113kg20 
4Issa YAMAKAWA190cm104kg22 
5Masahiro ERIGUCHI186cm108kg22 
6Keito AOKI187cm110kg20 
7Akito OKUI177cm103kg21 
8Shuto NOBEHARA182cm100kg20 
9Kumusu LEE174cm80kg20 
10Mikiya TAKAMOTO172cm82kg21 
11Tomu TAKAMOTO182cm88kg21 
12Chihiro MATSUYAMA173cm88kg21 
13Kanji FUTAMURA180cm88kg21 
14Shinya KOMURA180cm92kg20 
15Kippei TANINAKA178cm78kg22 

** Players to watch **

Mikiya TAKAMOTO. 172 cm, 82 kg, 21 years old. He is a graduate of Osaka Toin High School. He was a representative of Japan’s high school national team. Position=SO, He is the No.1 SO in both name and reality. Teikyo University has a strong FW and a decisive BK, and this man’s outstanding ability to assemble a game is indispensable for the team’s consecutive championships. This season, he has shown aggressive breakthroughs when the opportunity arises, and his running ability has been refined.

I was also pleased to see the return of the singing of the school anthems of both schools, which had been banned during the period of the new Corona outbreak. Singing is still prohibited in the auditorium, however.

Let me begin the first half.

4 minutes into the first half:

At the beginning of the game, both teams kicked high punts to each other. However, I was a little surprised because Waseda’s FB Koizumi’s kick extended well. He is graduating from the university this year, and if he continues to play rugby in League One after graduation, I look forward to seeing him.

When Teikyo University attacked, each player made strong contact and approached the enemy’s in-goal. Hence, when Teikyo University attacked continuously, Waseda gradually retreated. Finally, the ball came out of a ruck and Teikyo’s SO Takamoto took the ball out of the ruck to the left, where he was outnumbered their own players, and CTB Futamura took it outside the ruck to the right. Then he scored a try to the left of the enemy’s in-goal. Teikyo scored the first point with a successful conversion goal after the try. The score was 7-0.

25 minutes into the first half:

Teikyo took control of the attack and continued to attack deep in the enemy territory, but a series of mistakes at the point where a try was about to be scored prevented by themselves.

However, Teikyo had an overwhelmingly long period of time in which to attack, and even when they kicked into their own territory, they kept the ball in play and kept attacking, closing in on the enemy’s in-goal. From the enemy 22-meter line, they started to attack, with hooker Era, FL Okui, and then FL Era received the ball again, and he flipped the ball over the opposing defense to score a try in the middle of the ingoal area on the right.

The conversion goal after the try was also successful, making the score 14-0 in favor of Teikyo.

28 minutes into the first half:

At the right end of the center of the field, Teikyo FB Taninaka and Waseda WTB Maki had an aerial duel with each other. Taninaka was knocked to the ground dangerously. Nevertheless, Taninaka continued to secure the ball. The referee stopped the game for a moment and treated Taninaka. He then got up and returned to the lineup, but he showed great persistence on the ball.

34 minutes into the first half:

Waseda kicked the ball from their own half and Teikyo’s SO  Takamoto tried to kick the ball back, but Waseda’s WTB Maki charged in. The ball rolled into Teikyo’s in-goal and Waseda’s WTB Maki and Teikyo’s FB Taninaka ran after it, and a race ensued. Waseda’s Maki held the ball in the right center of the in-goal and Waseda scored a try. The conversion goal after the try was also successful, making the score 14-7.

44 minutes into the first half:

Teikyo did not slow down their attack as the first half drew to a close. A scrum took place in the middle of enemy territory, and Teikyo pushed hard. This resulted in a foul by Waseda, and Teikyo was awarded a penalty kick, giving them their own lineout in front of the enemy in-goal. Teikyo steadily caught the ball here, and although it became a dense battle after that, they moved forward, continuing a series of attacks led by their FW players. And finally, CTB Futamura scored his second try of the day in the middle of the right field of enemy’s in-goal area, passing through the enemy defense. The conversion goal after the try was also successful, making the score 21-7.

The first half ended here.

Looking back at the first half, Teikyo spent an overwhelmingly long time in attack, and Waseda spent most of the game time on the defensive. Unless some breakthrough measures are taken for the second half for Waseda, the point gap will open up even further. I am looking forward to Waseda’s comeback.

Let’s start the second half.

2 minutes into the second half: .

Teikyo kicked the ball into Waseda’s territory, and Waseda’s WTB Yamashita dropped the ball in front of him, resulting in another infringement and a lineout for Teikyo. Then they secured the ball at the lineout, and formed a maul to advance and score a try by hooker Era in the right center of the in-goal. The conversion goal after the try was also successful, making the score 28-7 in favor of Teikyo.

21 minutes into the second half:

Waseda took control of the attack for the first time in this match. They attacked deep into Teikyo’s territory and got their own scrum in front of the enemy’s in-goal. The ball was quickly served out and NO.8 Sagara attacked on the side. The team formed a tight group, and inside CTB Yosimura was able to take advantage of a momentary lapse in the defense. He did not miss the opportunity and scored a try in the middle right of the enemy’s in-goal. The conversion goal after the try failed. The score was 28-12.

30 minutes into the second half:

Waseda had been putting up a good fight in attack and defense, and were starting to get the better of Teikyo until an infringement just in front of the goal posts on the 22m line led to a lineout in Teikyo ball. Teikyo caught the ball steadily and brought it into a maul, where hooker Era scored his third try of the day in the middle left of the enemy’s in-goal. The conversion goal after the try was also successful, making the score 35-12.

38 minutes into the second half:

After a brief period in the second half when Waseda took control of the attack, Teikyo regained their offensive momentum in the final minutes.

Teikyo got a scrum on their own ball in front of the enemy in-goal, pushed the scrum forward, and SH Lee pushed the spilled ball into the in-goal for a try in the right center of the in-goal. The conversion goal after the try was also a success. making the score 42-12.

42 minutes into the second half:

With only a few minutes remaining in the second half, Waseda connected the ball from their own line, and the BKs moved to the left side of the field. Waseda’s SH Miyao connected with outside CTB Okazaki, who scored a try to the left center of the in-goal. The conversion goal after the try failed. The score was 42-17.

44 minutes left into the second half:

With 30 seconds left in the game, Waseda attacked from deep in their own territory to score one more try.

However, a forced pass was intercepted by Teikyo’s No. 8 Nobehara intercepted a forced pass and drove just under the goal post to score a try. Teikyo’s conversion goal after the try was also successful, making the final score 49-17.

** Jersey Collection 67 **

Uniforms of SUNTORY, a strong Japanese League One team, from the early 1990s. Replica jersey. Sold for 4,000 yen on Yahoo! Auctions. When it appeared once before, it was sold to someone else for about 8,000 yen.

After a few years, it finally came up for auction. It is a rare jersey. The burgundy and white border colors match the corporate image, and I am happy to look at it.


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